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Wedding Flowers - by Dodge The Florist


Flowers help set the style of your wedding, and enhance the beauty of the day. Dodge the Florist has been assisting brides to plan their weddings for over 100 years. Our talented designers have the experience to help you create the perfect day. It is our goal to give you, your ceremony, and your reception a one-of-a-kind look that is in harmony with your personality and lifestyle. We want you to feel comfortable with us and have confidence in our services and products. Sophistication or country charm, whatever look you are considering, flowers can help make that dream a reality. Call us today to reserve your wedding date. We look forward to helping you make beautiful memories.

Classic White Rose Boutonniere [DTF-B13]
Classic White Rose Wrist Corsage [DTF-PC4]
Pretty in Pink Wrist Corsage [DTF-PC5]

Vibrant Beauty Wedding Bouquet [DTF-WB59]
White Calla Boutonniere [WFW04-21]
Pink & Green Centerpiece and Napkin Decoration [WFR0-11]

WFC0-11 [WFC0-11]
WFC01-11 [WFC01-11]
Rose & Stephanotis Heart [WFR01-11]

Elegant Pink and Lavender Wedding Bouquet [DTF-WB60]
Cascading Blue and White Bridal Bouquet [DTF-WB63]
Contemporary Purple Orchid Wedding Bouquet [DTF-WB64]

WFR02-11 [WFR02-11]
Berry Halo [WFW26-21]
Double Dutch Tulip Arrangement [WFC02-11]

Large White Vase Arrangement [WFC02-21]
Romantic Reds Corsage & Boutonniere Collection [WFW27-11]
WFR02-21 [WFR02-21]

Woodsy Elegance Autumn Wedding Bouquet [DTF-WB61]
WFR03-11 [WFR03-11]
Orange Sherbet Corsages [WFW32-11]

White Wedding Ceremony Decor [WFC03-11]
White Floral Wreath and Candelabra Swag [WFC04-11]
Orange Sherbet Boutonnieres [WFW32-21]

WFR04-11 [WFR04-11]
Sassy Pink Rose and Berry Bouquet [DTF-WB19]
Sunflower & Ranunculus Boutonniere [DTF-B5]

Cymbidium and Rose bud Boutonniere [DTF-B7]
White Calla & Lily Grass Boutonniere [DTF-B8]
Citrus Swirl Gerber Boutonniere [DTF-B9]

Timeless Romance White Rose Boutonniere [DTF-B10]
Red Floral Lei and Boutonniere [WFW25-11]
Blue Hydrangea Bubble Centerpiece [DTF1-1]

Autumn Sunset Bouquet [DTF-WB1]
Cymbidium Orchid Boutonniere [WFW05-21]
White Boutonniere Collection [WFW02-11]

Hydrangea & Gardenia Scepter and Stephanotis & Mus [WFW07-11]
Blue Delphinium Headpiece, Boutonniere, and Corsag [WFW08-11]
Pink Rose Purse Accent and Blue Rose Boutonniere [WFW09-11]

Purple Broach and Boutonniere Collection [WFW09-31]
Posy Pocket Nosegay [WFW13-11]
Floral Bracelet with Streamers [WFW14-11]

Scepter-shaped Nosegay [WFW14-21]
Lavender Composite Rose Boutonniere [WFW17-11]
Lavender & White Pomander [WFW17-21]

Ring "Bear-er" and Orange Spray Rose Boutonniere [WFW17-31]
Moss & Carnation Pomander, Purple Mini Carnation C [WFW18-11]
Purple Mini Carnation Purse Decoration, Nosegay, a [WFW18-21]

Rose Simplicity Boutonniere [T202-6A]
White Whisper Wristlet [T200-4A]
Country Romance Boutonniere [T202-2A]

For all of your other wedding day needs, please visit the sites of our fellow Creative Maine Weddings professionals:

Jewelry:  Gerard Bianco,
Catering:  Nancy Cerny,
Makeup:  Karen Carey,
Photography: Rhonda Farnham,
Photography: Beth Fitzgerald,

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